Wallpaper World

Glossary Of Terms

Not sure of the meaning of a word or phrase on Wallpaper World? Below is a list of the most commonly terms used on this website. Some terms may have various meanings depending on the context used but in this case we are only referring to the "Internet" meaning rather than the "typical" meaning.
Desktop Wallpaper An image used on a computer screen as the desktop background.
Resolution Resolution or more specifically screen resolution or display resolution refers to the level of detail on a display device like a computer screen or monitor.
Download The transfer of an image or other file from the Wallpaper World server to your computer or similar device.
Link A link or more specifically a hyperlink refers to a reference in a hypertext document that connected to another document or other resource.
Link Exchange The process of exchanging text links or banner links between websites.
Mobile Downloads Images, ringtones, games or other software created specifically for use on mobile phone handsets.
Mobile Wallpaper An image used on a mobile phone handset as the screen background.
Mobile Screensaver An image used on a mobile phone handset as the screen background.
Mobile Ringtone A customisable sound is stored on a mobile phone handset for playback to indicate an incoming call.
Mobile Java Game A game created in Java specifically for use on mobile phone handsets.
Sony Ericsson Themes Preset packages containing graphical appearance details used to customise the look and feel of Sony Ericsson mobile phone handsets.
Webmaster Tools A set of tools to assist webmasters and web developers in the management and promotion of websites,
Sponsored Link A paid advertisement in the form of a text link that appear throughout the Wallpaper World website.
Traffic Statistics Information indicating a website's traffic which usually includes unique visitors and page views.
Site Map A visual or textually organised model of a website's pages that aid in site navigation.

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