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Website Traffic Statistics & Popularity Rating

The information below shows Wallpaper World's website traffic statistics and Alexa popularity rating. Only visits to Wallpaper World's pages are included in these statistics. Users who access images or any other files directly from our server are not counted.

Alexa's daily traffic trend and traffic rank are calculations of Internet users over the last three month period based on a large sample of several million Alexa toolbar users. The web traffic statistics are gathered using Google Analytics website analytics software.

August 2011

Visits   90,186
Page Views   166,995
Pages per Visit   1.85
New Visitors   93.84%

September 2011

Visits   93,017
Page Views   170,949
Pages per Visit   1.84
New Visitors   94.45%

October 2011

Visits   96,743
Page Views   181,762
Pages per Visit   1.88
New Visitors   94.53%

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The graph and traffic rank images displayed on this page are dynamically created by Alexa each day. Wallpaper World cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of these statistics as we do not have any control over how they are produced or displayed.


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